Tenuta San Giacomo
Butera (CL), 400m asl

White soil. Like snow and Sicilian torrone.

You can recognise Tenuta San Giacomo from its calcareous soil. The sun here comes from the sky, and is mirrored in the earth. The sea breeze contributes to a balanced ripening of the grapes. Here you can mostly find Nero d’Avola.

A local farmer, one day, held some soil in his hands and told us:

“See this? It’s white torrone”.

The soil here is calcareous, it mirrors the sun as if it were snow, even during the summer.

There’s a strong light here. It’s a light that comes from above, from the sky, and from the earth. There’s a strong daily temperature excursion – after all, we’re up in the hills, at 400 metres above sea level – and this helps the grapes to preserve their acidity. The sea is near, some 10 km away. You won’t see it, but you’ll sense it in the wind.

Nero d'Avola, symbol of Sicily.

In Tenuta San Giacomo the natural power of Sicilian wines and the elegance and freshness of the altitude and the calcareous soil rich in white trubi, the typical local calcareous-clayey rocks, find their perfect representation in Nero d’Avola. This grape variety, an emblem of Sicily, with such a special soil, reaches a full and balanced ripening. We use an espalier training system and in September we pick the grapes by hand, using crates.

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