Tenuta Monte Pietroso
Monreale (PA), 400m asl

In the hills, the wind from the north brings sea air.

We are in Monreale, in two areas called Monte Pietroso and Marchesa.

Tenuta Monte Pietroso is known as Tramontana because of the wind.

The soil is sandy, what we thought would be ideal to grow Grillo which here can show all its natural freshness and sapidity which together increase its character, elegance and ageing potential.

A different, complex and elegant Grillo.

Finding a place like this wasn’t easy, and indeed we were looking for it at length. Our research was long, we searched for the perfect place where to grow our Grillo vines in a way that would be coherent with our philosophy. From Tenuta Monte Pietroso we now make grapes for our Shamaris.

Shamaris recalls the sea, so close and easy to sense in the wind from the north.

The wines of
Tenuta Monte Pietroso

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