Brut Metodo Classico

A mountain bottle-fermented wine, from vineyards of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay at 700 metres above the sea level.

Elegance to celebrate Tenuta Ficuzza.

700, like the metres above the sea level of Tenuta Ficuzza. Here on medium texture clayey soil, grows Pinot Noir from which we make this bottle-fermented sparkling wine by adding Chardonnay from the same estate. The altitude and soil offer the right stimuli to Pinot Noir so that it can fully develop its elegant character. The rest is the result of the vinification and fermentation at controlled temperature of the free run must so as to preserve the acidity that is so precious for its ageing potential. After five months, the bottle-fermentation begins, with 36 months on the lees.

Tenuta Ficuzza, Piana degli Albanesi (PA), 700m asl

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